If you are a shopping enthusiast, you might have heard about Dubai being the shopper’s paradise. There are some of the best shopping malls where all the items of daily use are available. Dubai has become a retail capital where top brands from all over the world flock and showcase their products. Stepping into a Dubai shopping mall is an experience in itself because it builds with a panache which is seldom seen anywhere else in the world.

Some of the best shopping malls in Dubai are:

Ibn Battuta Mall

This glorious shopping mall is inspired by the great Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta. It is considered as the largest theme mall in the world. With six distinct retail courts waiting to be discovered and explored, shopping becomes an adventure here. You can find almost everything in this mall. However, some top clothing brads like Marks & Spencer and others make it ideal for shopping for clothes.

Dubai Outlet Mall

If you love discounts (who does not), you should head to Dubai Outlet Mall. This mall offers as much as 30 % to 90% off the list price of the products across its 240 stores. There are some top brands as well like Adidas, Coach, Mango, Aldo, and Fred Perry. These huge discounts are tough to find anywhere else. Tourists can avail these discounts and make their visit a memorable one.

Mall of the Emirates

Also known as the world’s first shopping resort, Mall of the Emirates has a mighty 2.4 million square feet of retail floor space. There are as much as 630 top class brands and you can also get the items designed by the top fashion designers of the world. There is also an entertainment arena where you can go to relax and enjoy if you get tired of shopping.

These are three of the best shopping malls in Dubai. If you are planning a visit to Dubai, do visit these malls to not only get the perfect deals & discounts but also witness the glory of these majestic shopping malls. These are ideal for tourists and locals alike. Besides these malls, you should also visit other malls as well. You can also eat some finger licking food items which are the specialty of Dubai.