Abu dhabi is a wonderful emirate of UAE where you can great sightseeing attractions and a lot more outdoor sports. This is a very beautiful destination where you can spend your time visiting some amazing locations. Abu dhabi is famous for luxury spots and people finds interesting visiting some of the wonders at abu dhabi. The below are some of the most rated destinations which you makes abu dhabi a famous one

Abu dhabi beauty:

  • Emirates place is a most stunning view of attraction at abu dhabi. This magnificent palace is stunning with its royal beauty. If you want to have a luxury visit to abu dhabi spot, never miss out this great palace which are so much luxurious beauty with furniture‚Äôs, and delicious foods and more to enjoy.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque is another amazing attraction at abu dhabi where there are lots of visitors each day. This attraction of abu dhabi is world famous and people spend their time in visiting this stunning mosque and enjoy taking pictures.
  • Dhow cruise dinner at abu dhabi is pretty beautiful in experiencing the real beauty of abu dhabi in cruise and enjoying eth delicious dinner buffet with your family This si a great time to capture some of the best views of abu dhabi emirate and you can have a great time in cruise having entertainments and more.
  • Saadiyat beach at abu dhabi is very pretty that you will love each and every moment here. This is a great beach where you can spend good time with our families enjoying beautiful sunset. Yu can take bath and swim on this wonderful beach and sometimes you can see dolphins too. This amazing destination is never to be missed out in exploring abu dhabi beauty.
  • Yas water theme park at abu dhabi would be a spot to enjoy great rides and have thrilling experience. It is a famous water park at abu dhabi where you can spend best time your kids enjoying the safe and secure adventurous rides and pools.
  • Marina mall is another great shopping destination at abu dhabi where you can have excited shopping experience. You will really enjoy this beauty shopping hub where you can spend your time in a great way enjoying becoming a shopping addict.


For a Fantastic journey:

In order to spend a great time at Abu dhabi experiencing the adventure and attractions, it would be better o have a guide along with you. To plan up the cruise journeys, desert safaris and other activities it would be great if you can book a package. The advantage of taking package is that you will not be confused visiting the destinations and you have everything set with the package. This lets you have a fantastic trip with your family enjoying every destination. Make your trip a splendid one by visiting all the hot spots. Click here to know about the different adventures and exciting travel to UAE.