There is nothing more annoying and unpleasant than finding your car battery drained. We all have faced this situation at least once in our life. The battery of your car can be dead if you have left the lights on at night. Another reason might be that you didn’t take proper care of your battery. Sometimes the battery dies because we followed a myth. In this article, we have listed some myths about car batteries that people follow.

Read further to know whether these myths are true or not.

Myth 1

One of the myths that we often hear is that driving a car will recharge the car battery. This myth is not completely wrong. You can recharge the battery of your car with constant driving at a highway speed. However, it is better to use the battery charger to fully recharge it and keep it in great condition.

Myth 2

Another car battery myth is that car batteries don’t lose power when it is stored. Every battery is drained with that passage of time. When you don’t use the battery it will discharge at the rate of 1 to 25% every month. This means if you haven’t used your car battery for a long time, the battery will be dead. To use the car battery again you will have to charge it.

Myth 3

It is a very popular myth that on a cold day, you should turn on the headlights before starting the engine. This is done to warm up the battery. You can easily warm the car battery by increasing the usage. Turning on the headlights will not be enough to warm the engine. Instead, you would use up the power that would have started your car. So, this myth is not correct and you should not follow it.

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